The Tricolit® is a series of thermoset surface coatings serving to reduce friction and wear on a range of application spanning from steel chains to bronze bearings. We are especially proud of our innovative environmentally friendly graphene-fortified low friction polymer coating Tricolit®-GO, that features low friction yet high abrasion resistance and zero VOC emissions.

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The Tricolit® products

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Tricolit® GO

A graphene fortified low friction coating for ceramics, aluminium, bronze, steel and cast iron. Tricolit® GO features low friction in dry and lubricated contacts combined with a high abrasion resistance as compared to other polymer-based coating systems. Tricolit® GO has been developed specifically to meet modern industry demands of environmentally friendly solutions, being a water-borne formulation with zero VOC emissions.
Tricolit® GO is supplied in bulk for professional use by spray or dip, but coating of parts can also be sourced from Tribonex.


Tricolit® TIC and Tricolit® HT

The Tricolit® series also include two thermally induced coatings, Tricolit® TIC and Tricolit® HT. The coatings form thin layers of solid lubricants and are applied on precision components for improved friction and wear resistance. The coatings are chemically bound to the steel surface thus bringing excellent adhesion properties.

Tricolit® TIC is a polymer-free solid lubricant coating technology for components in lubricated contacts made of steel and cast iron. The coating improves component running in enhances friction and wear properties.

Tricolit® HT is a polymer-free solid lubricant coating technology for components exposed to high temperatures. The coating can withstand operating temperatures of up to 700℃ and brings improved component lubrication and wear protection.

How it is done

Tricolit® GO is applied to the surface like a regular paint and heat-cured afterwards. Tricolit® TIC and Tricolit® HT is applied through dipping followed by drying and curing.
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ProductCuring T & TCoating thickness [µm]Load capacity [MPa]SubstrateOperating temperatur
Tricolit® GO250°C, 60 min10 to 25<10Steel, bronze, aluminium, glass< 200
Tricolit® TIC300°C, 10-60 min0.5 to 2<1000Steel, cast iron< 350
Tricolit® HT300°C, 30-60 min1 to 2<1000Steel< 700


Friction and wear reduction
Stick-slip reduction
Seizure prevention
Micropitting reduction

Application areas

The Tricolit® GO coatings are used for improving tribological properties of various parts (e.g. guide bars, rails, slideways, bronze bearings) and work both in lubricated and dry contacts. Tricolit® TIC and Tricolit® HT are applied to precision components with tight tolerances such as chains, ball bearings, slide bearings and other machine equipment precision parts.

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