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We are focused on improving the tribological performance of mechanical components exposed to friction and wear as well as corrosion. Our technologies can be used to optimize performance of transmission components such as gears and bearings, combustion engine components, hydraulic pumps and motors, compressors, turbines, general bearing applications, conveyor systems, etc.

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Tribonex Products
Tribonex Products


Tribonex product portfolio concists of the surface treatment and coating technologies
Triboconditioning® and Tricolit®
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Triboconditioning® RS

Drivetrain components such as transmission shafts against seals, rolling and slide bearings.
Powertrain components such as cylinder bores, piston pins, crankshafts and camshafts.
Various industrial applications such as hydraulic motor bores, compressors, various bearings and shafts.

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Triboconditioning® CG

Drivetrain components such as gears, differentials, washers, CV-joints.
Powertrain components such as pistons and fuel pumps.
Various industrial applications such as hydraulic motor pistons and rollers, rock drills, compressor components, pumps.

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Transmission components such as bronze bearings, bushings, pins and joints etc.
Conveyor applications such as slides, guide rails etc.
Various components such as chain links, exhaust shafts etc.

Some important features

Discover a new way to tribological performance

Triboconditioning® is an advanced surface finishing method that combines both mechanical and chemical treatment in one process step.

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A patented surface treatment method

With Triboconditioning® RS, shaft and bore surfaces can be perfected for optimal performance in lubricated contacts.

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Low friction and high abrasion resistance

The Triboconditioning® CG process brings surface toughness and wear resistance while improving friction and efficiency.

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Wear resistant low friction polymer coating

The Tricolit® GO graphene reinforced polymer-bonded coating brings low friction and relative wear resistance for both dry and lubricated surfaces.

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